Denatured Alcohol And It’s Uses June 6, 2011 No Comments

Here’s a brief rundown telling you exactly what denatured alcohol actually is. In truth is it’s a mild solvent and it serves a whole host of different purposes and uses. It is a toxic ethanol as well the fast evaporating substance and if humans attempt to consume it at all they will become very sick. When they say that it is denatured, they mean that it has gone through a chemical process which strips the alcohol of certain properties that makes it completely and utterly undrinkable to humans. That doesn’t mean that they have added anything to the alcohol as a way of altering it. There are many different uses for this substance, and I’d like to share just a few of those uses with you in the following paragraphs.

Use denatured alcohol as a sanding aid:

Denatured alcohol is used as a sanding aid quite often. Do you do any kind of construction projects that involve the use of wood? If so, then it is highly likely that you will be forced to sand the wood at some point during the process of your project. You can use denatured alcohol as a way to eliminate any excess sawdust that is caught between the grain of the wood. This alcohol is actually very quick in evaporating, so you can send the raised grain which will allow you a soft and smooth coating that looks finished.

Use denatured alcohol as a solvent:

Did you know that denatured alcohol is often used as a solvent? When it’s used a solvent, it is often used in shellac which is a type of resin, and all kinds of products that often contain shellac. It’s also a great way to eliminate tough ink stains from clothing and furniture.

Use denatured alcohol as a fuel:

Small camping stoves often used denatured alcohol as a fuel to operate them. It’s an incredible fuel option for this type of stove because it is so cheap to produce. Another thing is you can easily extinguish it by using water in case of an emergency. Another great thing is you don’t need any special permission to transport it and you aren’t required to carry it in any specialized containers.
One thing that is hard to recognize is the flame that’s produced when burning denatured alcohol. The flame has virtually no color whatsoever so it’s hard to tell exactly when it is burning. Some unsuspecting person could accidentally stumble upon it without even realizing that the stove is lit. This can result in severe burning and scarring all because the person accidentally touched the invisible flames without even realizing it.

Use denatured alcohol on glass:

I’ve already told you that denatured alcohol is a solvent that’s both mild and gentle. That’s why it’s such an excellent product to use when you need to clean delicate items. Glass is one such delicate item that I’m speaking about. The denatured alcohol evaporates so quickly when cleaning glass that it hardly ever leaves any streaks in the glass whatsoever.

Denatured Alcohol – What Does it Mean? May 8, 2011 No Comments

Have you ever heard of denatured alcohol? I bet you weren’t even remotely aware that alcohol is actually a controlled substance. Now you’re probably saying to yourself right now that I have to be an idiot for not thinking that it’s a controlled substance, so let me explain before you go running for the hills. I absolutely know that alcohol that you consume is 100% a controlled substance by state and local authorities. But I had no idea whatsoever that alcohol used for household and industrial purposes is actually controlled by higher authorities as well. This came as a complete and total shock to me since it isn’t something you can use to get intoxicated.

I’ll be honest when I say that I didn’t really know that there’s much of a difference in the alcohol that’s created for industrial and household purposes, and the alcohol that is created for any and all purposes of consumption. The two substances are basically the same when you get right down to it. So what’s the story with industrial alcohol and consumption? Wouldn’t your average Joe just go about consuming it at a cheap price instead of paying top dollar for alcohol that you have to buy in a liquor store?

And here’s the difference. The industrial type of alcohol is actually denatured alcohol. This type of alcohol is actually an alcohol blend. You take regular alcohol, or possibly ethanol which happens to be a substance that humans can consume, and then mix it with an agent that human beings can’t consume as part of the denaturing process.

Do you have any idea what kind of agents they use when they create this potent mix? It is usually some form of chemical whose end result ends up becoming a product that is actually poisonous for anyone who would ingest it on purpose or accidentally. If someone was to consume this in any way, shape or form they would become really nauseous and end up having no choice but to begin vomiting. But you have to be crazy to drink this even by accident because the smell is very noxious and it’s horrible to the human senses. You have to have no sense of smell whatsoever in order to mistake denatured alcohol for regular alcohol. That’s the only way possible you’d be able to mix up the two.

So it’s the law to control the creation of denatured alcohol. There are many different rules and regulations around the substance, and it all depends on where you live in the world to know which laws and rules personally affect you.

The financial ramifications to having a regulated production of denatured alcohol is quite simple to explain. The rules and regulations put upon this industry force the product creators to raise their price due to the added cost of production brought upon them by the rules. This is the same reason why it’s so expensive to buy wines and spirits too. They are monitored on the same exact rules and regulations as denatured alcohol.

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